Welcome to I HEART NWA – A Community-Dedicated HUB for Local Residents & Entrepreneurs!

Welcome to I HEART NWA! (Northwest Arkansas, for those unfamiliar). :)J

I HEART NWA was conceptualized and created in October of 2017 by a Native of this area who LOVES it so much, she wanted something dedicated to it. She has watched it grow from a small town in Rogers, to one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the country!

As she got older, she began to see how NWA is truly a diamond in the rough that people are not aware of . . . between the University of Arkansas, Walmart (and other large companies’ headquarters), Beaver Lake, and SO MUCH MORE, we are kind of a big deal around here . . . not to mention the beautiful Ozark Mountains we are set in!

So after creating I HEART NWA, the thought occurred, “What is important to a local area?”

Local and small businesses, entrepreneurs, and shopping locally contributes to the area’s successful and thriving economy! Hence, the I HEART NWA Local Business Directory was born! A central hub for local/small businesses to be listed in one place, be easily located by residents, and enhance their presence online through our organization.

To summarize I HEART NWA’s services: the Local/Small Business Directory, an online store of casual wear and accessories w/ our Logo on them, a BLOG/VLOG, Resources for everyone to easily access, social media profiles to follow us, and a Newsletter sent regularly to subscribers to our tribe!

  • Local Business Directory (dedicated to local/small businesses and entrepreneurs) – Business owners who list their business in the Directory will be able to display their business on the Map, show coupons/deals, and will be given exposure via the online advertising we will do of our Directory through out website and social media profiles.
  • Newsfeed of current news articles, conglomerated from various News station websites
  • Event Calendar showing monthly display of events in NWA
  • BLOG/VLOG – BLOG posts containing ALL info about I HEART NWA; VLOG posts of videos of NWA are in the works and coming. These will be uploaded here, as well as to our YouTube channel.
  • Local Resources – A tab on our website giving quick access to important sources of local information and assistance anyone could need at any time, so check that out!
  • Subscribe to the Tribe – Joining our email Newsletter will give you continuous updates/deals/coupons/news/events straight to your Inbox.
  • **Importantly, we will be doing a “Get to Know a Local Business” once a month on a Business chosen from our Local Directory members, and that will be its own Newsletter sent out monthly, as well as be a BLOG post!

Check out all we have to offer our fellow neighbors, and we look forward to seeing you on the other side!!